Workplace Health Promotion – Possible Topics ↔ Selected Tools

Safety on the Work Place → Hazard assessment processes optimisation. Support in the development of respective counter measures and methods according to internationally established working standards and norms.

Workplace specific risk assessment → Assessment is performed based on national and international standards in coordination with the worker & employee and in accordance with the managerial level & and the human resources department of a company.

Work process optimisation → WORK ABILITY INDEX based assessment. Information sharing, organisational development potentials and challenges, communication→ joint development of individual and overall work-place related improvement, incl. optimal adaptation measures, programmes for all.

Health Promoting Leadership → “Every good health work place promotion program needs a supportive leadership”. Tools: Consulting, one-on-one dialogues, training, work shop.

“Health Prevention Incentive” → It is worth engaging in health prevention measures BEFORE curative medicine needs to step in. Workplace related health improvements can influence the overall health situation 24 h/per day, 7 days/per week and 365 days/per year”.

In every workplace situation positive “peer support” can increase that effect.

→ last but not least: an early detection of serious illnesses in the context of a work-place health promotion program can sometimes save a life!

Stress Management ↔ Time Management: Tools: Presentation, Workshops, Consulting. Cooperation with related external professionals (psychologists, MDs, other stress prevention specialists) is possible.

Nutrition → “Workplace specific know-how transfer on nutrition for all employees supports to improve the productivity at the working place AND can become direct and indirect “know-how-benefits” for the employees and their families ↔ can become an important preventive health-care measure”. Tools: Trainings, presentations, workshops, “Nutrition Check” → individual, “Nutrition – Parcours” → for all. Cooperation with related external professionals (MDs, nutritionists) is possible.

Physical activity → “On a same level as nutrition ↔ physical activities can support to better perform at the working place AND improved-know how on physical activity benefits, including respective implementation processes contribute to an overall improved physical well-being”. Tools: Presentations, workshops, “role models” – external and among employees. Cooperation with related external professionals (MDs specialized in occupational health/sports medicine, physiotherapists, sports trainers) is possible.

Quality of communication on the work place → “The single biggest illusion in communication is the illusion that it takes place” (George Bernhard Shaw). Improved communication flows in a workplace situation can sometimes improve the work output until up to 100% → if respective problems are identified, solutions for change can be found. Tools: Presentations (awareness raising promotion), workshops, health circles.

Resilience competence → “Resilience is the capacity of a person to deal with a crisis with recourse to one’s personal and learned resources and to use the respective experience for development”.

The reason for resilience differs from work-place to work-place ↔ but the concept of “how to use it optimally” is worldwide the same. And it can be workplace specifically discussed & developed.

Tools: presentations, workshops, one-on-one dialogue, health circles.    

“Burn Out” ↔ “Bore Out” Prophylaxis →Time pressure & pressure to perform, overload of demands, poor communication, workplace bullying ↔ too little to do, non-inclusion in work processes, isolation on the job ” → some of the factors that can all lead to the same effect: lower productivity, lack of motivation, increase in sick leave days.

In 2014 the WIFO (Austrian Economic Research Forum) has calculated for the Austrian economy that the loss to the Austrian economy due to “burn out effects” has amounted up to 7 billion Euros. In countries like inter alia in Austria these facts are no longer ignored. Respective work-place related burn-out avoidance programs & prevention and planning methods are implemented. Tools:  Presentations → awareness raising promotion, workshops, health circles.


QUALITY ASSESSMENT and externally moderated TOOLS:

Development of quality criteria and success factors of a Work Health Promotion Program are always jointly DEFINED and MONITORED with the Executive Team and with the Human Resources Department of a company.

↘ “Health Circle” – externally moderated by Mag. Campestrini, MA. Together with a specifically selected group of employees/workers → who will be selected in accordance with the topic of the health circle. Coordination regarding the holding of a “health circle” is held in cooperation the Executive Team and the Human Resources Department of a company.