“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”    Winston Churchill

*Project Management and Process Management constitute additional pillars of my expertise.

*PROJECT & PROCESS MANAGEMENT mutually influence each other. Starting and being able to successfully finalize a project demands examining both frames

a) at the MACRO-LEVEL: the PROJECT 

b) at the MICRO-LEVEL: the PROCESSES.  

*All of the processes  also the seemingly not so important deserve considerate attention.

*In the long run the SOLID STRUCTURE of a project assures the most SUSTAINABLE and LONG-TERM SUCCESSFUL results.

*All projects developed in a framework that remains open to ADAPTATION to “changes”, “challenges” & “potentials”  bear the highest chance for success!

            “Project management is the ART of making things happen”                        

Main“PRINCIPLES” developed over the years:

*A goal without a plan is just a wish!

*As project management can be defined as a “way of developing structures in a complex setting” especially the independent variables of time, cost, resources and human behavior deserve always an individual attention  

*A project team can work as well on a project as its roles & tasks are clearly defined

* Communication is the real “work bench-mark” of all leadership

* The way a team communicates and plays together as a whole  determines its SUCCESS

*ALL PROCESSES can play an equally important role

          “We will either find or we will make a way!” Hannibal crossing the Alps