“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is success”! Henry Ford

Profit from the long-standing consulting experiences of Mag. Elisabeth Campestrini, MA

  • in STRATEGIC HEALTH SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT and in the area of HUMAN RIGHTS ↔ with National and International Institutions & Organisations, NGOs, Private Companies
  • in WORKPLACE HEALTH PROMOTION ↔ with Private Companies.

Any successful consulting service begins for me always with LISTENING

*An initial definition of the “STATUS QUO” serves as the basis for a results-oriented and bench-marked to follow.

*New concepts to be able to come into flow NEED a mutually shared and agreed upon starting point and commonly decided process rules new ↔ THEN:  visions, ideas can grow on a solid ground and INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS jointly developed will turn into SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS!

Don’t judge the day by the harvest you reap but by the seed you plant!” ↔ Time is money!

These 2 facts do not need to contradict each other. Balancing successfully these 2 approaches is possible

*KEY PREREQUISITE: Careful development of strategies and positions considerate and attentive to ALL  the obvious and also not so obvious FACTORS influencing the current “status quo”

*LONG-TERM & SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIES receive more attention than short-term “quick fixes”

*INNOVATION comes with opening up to new perspectives developed  WITHIN any working team.  INTERNATIONAL “BEST PRACTICES” can serve as incentives.

*JOINTLY SET TIMELINES AND PRE-DEFINED WORKING HOURS for specific processes facilitate TRANSPARENCY and CLARITY. Changes in process and timeline must be agreed upon by all partners.

*Nothing great has ever been achieved without 100% DEDICATION, DISCIPLINE & DETERMINATION. As a TEAM we agree before the start of the project on the specific guidelines that are applicable to all partners


  “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”